Those who gather do so for a variety of reasons. To honor. To celebrate. To share. To mark a milestone. This particular gathering was for all the reasons just mentioned.

While the achievement we marked on this day of celebration could be seen as an individual accomplishment, it was not a solo effort.

Many who gathered this day, had shared some of the drives, the walks, the climbs to the highpoints. Others had encouraged, supported, cheered on. Offered prayers.

It took fifteen years. Years of lives lived as the determination to succeed grew. With the successes, came some disappointments. Followed by increased determination and desire.

And so it came to pass, SUCCESS!

All 50 state highpoints accomplished. Done. Won.

Time to gather.

Tools of the effort on display.

Let the gathering begin!

A call for a speech.

A much louder call: “the highpoint pose!”

It was a GRAND moment.

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