Ditat Deus – God enriches

Arizona’s state motto is “Ditat Deus” (Latin for “God Enriches”). I have seen the enriches of the sights and senses of Arizona when I have traveled to this God “decorated” place.

I’ve loved Arizona since I was a kid. Traveling often with my family, Arizona was always on the way somewhere.

While I’ll be staying most of the time with my sister, we will take a back-road drive south to Tucson to see our brother and his family for a couple of days.

Driving – I should say, riding – to Atlanta’s airport had its own enriches to savor early this morning.

In turn, God ‘enriches” them for every sort of generosity.’ —Proverbs 3:9

Traveling mercies

3 thoughts on “Ditat Deus – God enriches”

  1. You are a traveling machine! Lovely scenery. Best wishes for a meaningful Thanksgiving! T

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  2. So glad I don’t have to pick a favorite picture. Wonderful! Looking forward to you traveling reflections. Thank you so much for this one!


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