Welcome Back

Descending into Albuquerque the view below offered a glimpse of one hoped-for expectation for this Epiphany journey. Snow. Just a dusting, but still, my heart felt a tug of promise. 

With the traveling friends reunion complete, we set out for a late meal of wonderfully delicious small dishes. 


Then in for the night at Home2, a new member in the Hilton chain.

I’ve been impatient with detours and road blocks, and the time it seems to take for my heart and soul to heal.  Epiphany in northern New Mexico is filled with balm. 

“An old adage says that if you want to travel fast, travel alone, but if you want to travel far, travel in a community. But even beyond that, if you want to travel with depth, learn the names of flowers along the way, fall in love a thousand times, believe that you can meet the demands of suffering you encounter, speak your truth to power, and live into the mission of your life. Travel together, so you can travel light. Community too is a sign that we need others as we make our way.”  Becca Stevens

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