It’s a Snow Day!

I’ve anticipated and looked with expectation to snow during this trip. I’ve checked my weather apps over and over. Yes, snow was forecast. We rented a SUV that could power us through snow-covered roads. And so I waited.

Yesterday afternoon we arrived in Taos, gathered provisions at CID’s, the local grocery store, and moved into our casa. I made a dozen trips from the woodshed to the house carrying firewood. Then we waited.


All the blinds were left open so we wouldn’t miss the snow if we woke up in the night. Around midnight there it was. The sky was colored in shades of pink and yellow. The trees glistened in the night sky.

With dawn came a fairyland!

Followed by the requisite fire.

We ventured out to try a new espresso shop, the Coffee Apothecary. 


Nachos by the fire this evening.

Abundance filled this day. 

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