Tybee Cool

It’s unseasonably chilly on Tybee Island. Cool enough to do a morning rollover instead of getting up to walk several blocks to get to the beach for sunrise. Tybee time is about rest, though, so that worked.

A lovely slow start to the day. Reading and pondering how to respond to today’s #40 Acts Stewardship challenge. Today’s invitation was Real Fruits.

Who could you creatively gift today? Do you know someone who’s struggling with money? Put their need first and treat them with what you have. That could be dropping off some supermarket vouchers, or taking them out for a meal/movie on you.

Before I read these words, I had already offered to help a ffriend with airfare for a trip she wanted to make. A trip that would offer her a place of retreat.  This gave me pause, having responded to today’s challenge before I knew it. 

I did eventually get to Tybean, local coffee house. It was originally a Kickstarter project. I would have been a backer if I had known about it. It’s a luxury to find good espresso drinks without having to leave the island. 

Of course I responded to this Stewardship opportunity. 

Eventually it was warm enough to walk the beach. 

I was struck by the patterns along my walk. Thinking about the patterns in my life. 

The textures of my life are as varied as the patterns seen on my shore walk. Such variety makes up who I am and how I live my life.  There are smooth and jagged pieces. Also pieces of intricate design. Together they shape my life and my intentions. As this day comes to an end, I intend to send a donation to the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, a commitment to the pattern of ongoing support for those who respond to the hungry.

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