Tybee Warmed Up

What a difference a day makes. The temperature was up to 59 degrees this afternoon. Perfect for an afternoon walk on the beach.

It was not quite warm enough this morning to take in the sunrise. That will come tomorrow.
Instead we “settled” for the early morning marsh view outside the front window.

A day to read, watch the amazing variety of birds right out front – egrets, gulls, bluebirds – and create delicious meals using the provisions we brought or purchased upon arrival. And to watch women’s basketball games on this first day of the NCAA Tournament.

Also to create postcards to send to friends and family. Handmade cards have become part of our travels, and it’s so satisfying to design cards that reflect each travel locale.

By mid afternoon, it was warm enough by our standards, to walk the beach.

In today’s devotional from The Reverend Becca Stevens, she says: “It is better to take the longer path. There is no shortcut on this journey; and it is definitely a walk, not a run. Think of it as exercising your heart muscles. If given a chance between a quick walk to the car or a long stroll through the woods, take the stroll.”

Very true. I followed those words this afternoon, choosing to walk the few blocks to the beach and back. We were rewarded with a large white egret taking flight right alongside us. It was so good to be on foot this warmed-up day.

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