Tybee Reflection

The afternoon hours on the last Tybee day were spent packing up, a late lunch of BBQ at a favorite out-of-the way place in Savannah. Then the airport. Drop-off as we each headed home.

I faced five hours of driving, 3 1/2 of which would be in daylight. I was grateful for Daylight Saving Time. The first hour was interstate, the rest of travel was on mostly
 2-lane roads traversing through rural Georgia.

The extraordinary colors in the sky as the daylight turned to dark simply took my breath away!

I had lots of time to recall all the goings on of the past few days, and to reflect on Tybee Time 2017.

     gentle joy
               being away
                    time to be with God, with a best friend, and with myself.

Now settled in back home, I give great thanks that once again I received the gift of Tybee Time.

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