I’ve been unpacking for several months. Unpacking to help answer the “why” in some of my fears. Thirty-three years ago I unpacked my fear of flying.  That unpacking was filled with revelation.

I’ve seen the success of that unpacking in the fact that tomorrow will be my 373rd air travel trip. Such an accomplishment!  I’ve packed for travel near and far because I unpacked.

Currently I’m unpacking weather. Those red triangle warnings stir up more than wind or rain. Or snow or hail.  Or flood.

Flooded. High water.  High fears. High losses. High struggles.

Tomorrow I begin “the journey back home” travel.

A year and two weeks ago I fled.  We fled.  Flooded, and having taken refuge on the 2nd floor, we waited for rescue.  And it came.  It came in the form of a double-kayak.  Room for two to flee.  Not alone, mind you, rather both led by and followed by kayaks.  One pulling, one bringing up the rear.

And now, 56 weeks later, the finishing touches are being carried out on the restoration of home.  Redesigned, rebuilt, repainted, redecorated, reclaimed.

From the last night there, to the first night there.  Fitting.

Literal unpacking awaits my visit. I’m certain my soul-unpacking will happen as well.

Traveling mercies.

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