An Anything-can-happen Day.

Today I had just this kind of day. 

No plans, because this day came about because of a disruption. Disruption of carefully planned travel.  Flight cancelled.  Terrible storms.  Concert cancelled. An alternate flight and a rescheduled concert brought about a day with no plans.

Thus I received the gift of an anything-can-happen day. Certainly I’ve had these in the past, but never where I recognized it as such. A real gift.

I was greeted by this new day with an awesome sunrise, followed by leisurely awakening and preparations to enjoy this new day. This new day with no plans.

First off, of course – cappuccinos and fresh pastries, enjoyed outside Joe Van Gogh, a local coffee roastery. They were more delicious than usual.  Maybe because there was time to sit outside and enjoy without a need to be anywhere.

Driving off we detoured to a yarn shop, where we discovered all manner of items made through the process of upcycling – using scraps and discarded materials, to make something new. A dragonfly made from window screen and beads. Earrings from old dental chair fabric.

After supporting the local economy, it was time to support a local restaurateur – Toast – where we enjoyed sandwich abundance, once again seated outside.

A walk around downtown Durham showed the possibility and result of restoring downtown cities back to life.  Of course, all that walking around necessitated refreshment- found at Monuts- another local eatery.

Then it was time to walk intentionally.  Seeking out local areal labyrinths, we began at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, where a quiet walk into the woods led to the labyrinth.

Then off to a decidedly less quiet space- the University of North Carolina Health Center, in particular the UNC Cancer Center.  Leaving the hustle and bustle of the conglomerate of streets and facilities, we stepped outside the cancer center to a peaceful and peace-filled labyrinth.  Walking and remembering all personally known, both lost and healed, was powerfully healing for me in my journey of restored health.
A movie – “A Quiet Passion“, the story of Emily Dickinson amazingly portrayed by Cynthia Nixon, ended the unexpected gift of an anything-can-happen day. 

The Lord Almighty grant us a peaceful night and a perfect end.

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