Is it possible to “go home again”?
And what is the home to which we aspire to return?
Just what is HOME?

I traveled recently to my birthplace. With enormous interest in a project a museum curator in northwest Colorado is undertaking, my sister and I returned to Colorado for a few days.

We were both born in Colorado, but neither of us live there now. My sister yearns for Colorado, her home. I’ve been thinking about what I call home these days. It isn’t Colorado.  I love that I was born and raised there, and my heart and soul are touched deeply when I return.  But I don’t really yearn for it.

After I returned I spent some time thinking about where I call home.  Colorado is where I’m from. Texas is where I was for several decades.  And now Georgia is where I live, and where I call home.  It helps that the part of Georgia in which I live is in the Southern Appalachian Mountains and that it has always felt like being in the Colorado mountains.  The word “in” here means when one drives up into the Rockies and is not standing miles back viewing them. But I had not actually called this place my home until I returned from Colorado and spent some time thinking about home.

I did love being back in the Colorado mountains.  Their beauty puts a smile on my face, a lump in my throat, and a hum in my soul.

And I absolutely loved the joy my sister experienced.  There was a smile on her face, and little lilt in her step.

I think the issue here may be how to find home where you are. I see myself holding my home of origin as a place that formed me. Now that I live elsewhere, I am called to make this home. And so I pretty much do so, but still, at times there is longing in my heart for more.

Maya Angelou says: “I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”

In “Home” Rachael Sage sings: 
      Home is where you’re taken in

      Fearlessly breathing with the wind
      Home is where you set your spirit down
      I’m at home in all this beauty
      Everything about it moves me
      I may be from another place but home’s where I am now
      Where I am now.

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