and then there is Iceland…

I wanted to return to Iceland before I left. An Iceland journey in 2016 left me wanting more of this amazingly “alive and dangerous” place. Iceland is alive in the sense that it is in constant renewal- whether by volcanic eruptions, glacier calving, or underground thermal energy bubbling up.  Dangerous because of its rugged and unfamiliar terrain, its remoteness, and the two-lane highway with one-lane bridges that encircles the island.

At the end of our 2016 trip, my friend and I declared ourselves BRAVE WOMEN for having successfully, and safely, navigated this foreign land.


It took bravery just to embark on that trek.  Having survived severe flooding just weeks before, we took a leap of faith and took off for Iceland.  And, as the trip neared its end, I knew I wanted to return.

Now, with just 18 days before I return, another flooding scenario is playing out. Is it something about Iceland? Or is it just timing coincidence?  Whatever the case, “and then there’s Iceland” has taken on new meaning for me.

It represents something akin to “oh, and there’s that to consider- there’s that to think about – there’s that to deal with – there’s that looming out there threatening to create upheaval and uncertainty”.  Sounds a lot like Iceland itself.

So as I continue my preparations for this return trek, I’m mindful more that ever of taking a leap of faith. Kierkegaard felt a leap of faith was necessary in accepting Christianity due to the paradoxes that exist in Christianity.  Stretching that concept a bit, a leap of faith for me is about trusting that God is in the midst of the events surrounding my life, and that I trust that things will work out.  It’s always possible that the working out of things is not quite as I envisioned, but that nonetheless, they work out it a way that always has God’s presence.  And I need to have trust and faith.

I am anticipating this view once again- that of just seconds from landing at Reykjavík International Airport.


Traveling mercies.

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