we who are wearied…

by the changes and chances of this life.  That’s a line from the service of Compline in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.  I love that service, but I have not been part of a Compline service for a good while.

Lately I’ve been participating in Compline services offered each night online through St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Cypress, TX.  The words of the prayers have returned to my mind and my heart.  Especially these words: Be present, O merciful God, and protect us through the hours of this night, so that we who are wearied by the changes and chances of this life may rest in your eternal changelessness…..


and then there’s Irma… disrupting and destroying most everything its path, bringing change for so many.  My travel plans to Iceland have changed with the hurricane’s bands coming to my neighborhood. Perspective please.  I’m inconvenienced. Thousands and thousands of others are in true danger as they hunker down or flee from Irma.

What are the chances that both my traveling friend and I would face disruptive change by separate hurricanes only two weeks and four states apart?  Indeed.

It is becoming clear to me that changes and chances of life are more the norm than I have allowed myself to see. What does this mean for me, someone who resists change and does not embrace chance?  Oh boy.  Well, for one thing, I can work to strengthen the foundation of my soul.

Yesterday, workmen came to my home to shore up the foundation of my front steps. They did this by drilling small holes in the bricks of the stoop, and then inserted some kind of foam that caused all the steps of the stoop to rise.  The foam solidified in a matter of seconds ensuring a newly solid foundation.


Where can I find foam to strengthen my foundation? Again from the service of Compline from Psalms 31 and 91: You are my refuge and my stronghold and be my strong rock . This is a good start.

Oh, and a good change came about this day, as I was able to revise my travel arrangements for travel to Iceland, leaving just two days later than planned.

Traveling mercies.

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