ready to depart

Shuttled to International terminal, then a streamlined security check, I arrived at Delta’s international lounge.  First up – cappuccino and The NY Times. 

I’m struck by the “power” of assigned levels of travel. Honors, precheck, gold, elite, first.  The sense of privilege. Upgrade is often something I seek. And receive. 

It does make travel smoother and reduces the stress experienced by many in this day of travel. But do I “deserve” this? Have I “earned” these distinctions? Well, no. Not really.

How am I to offer some privilege to others? I think it begins with treating all whose paths intersect with mine with dignity and grace. 

And…I could give up my first class seat with someone in the way back of the plane. Oh my, I just am unable to do that. That’s a hard truth, not a good reflection of whom I want to be. 

I’m definitely a work in progress. I’ve got a long way to go and hopefully not a short time to get there. 

In the meantime I’m at 35,000 feet headed to JFK, pondering.

Traveling mercies. 

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