abundance in water and steam

Today was waterfalls day. Up early, for us, we headed east across two peninsulas. Destination waterfalls.  

This was a beautiful day for a road trip.

Up first, Goðafoss. Flowing through a lava field,  the falls are an important part of Iceland’s history. At the National Assembly in the year 1000, the law speaker, Þorgeir, was forced to make a decision on Iceland’s religion. After 24 hours of meditation, he declared the country Christian. On his way home he passed the waterfall near his farm, and tossed in his pagan carvings of the Norse gods. Hence the name, Godafoss. 

On the 1000th year anniversary of Christianity in Iceland, þðrgeirskirkja (church) was erected nearby the falls

We discovered  blueberries were ripe for the picking alongside the path to the falls. 

On the drive to the next waterfall, we came across an area of thermal energy fields. The scene was “other-worldly”, and had a really strong smell of sulphur. 

About an hour’s drive on down Route 1, we arrived at Dettifoss. A 2.5 kilometer path led to the falls. 

This one of Iceland’s most impressive falls, with 400 cu meters of water thundering over the falls every second. 

Selfoss, located not far from Dettifoss, and along the same river was beautiful as well. 

Returning to Akureryi, we came upon Iceland’s version of fall. 

 Tomorrow we head to the Westfjords. Traveling mercies. 

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