on the road again

This day we departed Husafell for the big city, Reykjavik. Some 300,000 of Iceland’s 350,000 residents live in Reykjavik. 

As we checked out of the hotel, we promised to return. At breakfast this morning we decided we’d rather come back to Iceland than travel to Lapland, which we thought we might do. 

The rains stayed away until this morning. It was rainy and very blustery as we drove south. There were many places along the drive that we would have stopped to investigate, but this was no day for any of that. 

Some drive sights. Some through the windshield. Others by mad dashes outside the car. 

The weather cleared up as we arrived in the big city. After checking into our “hip” hotel in the heart of the city, we walked to lunch at a local vegetarian restaurant, then on to stroll for a bit.  

We returned to the hotel in time for a tasting. Icelandic cheese, lager and orange soda. A nice way to settle into evening. 

Night, night. 

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