Years ago, when I first began to blog, I had a separate blog for each category of travel in my life– Lent, Advent, Isle of Iona, and so on. It could be confusing to those who read or followed my blog, because each time I embarked on travel, I would need to notify everyone of the blog I would be writing.

Now I just have the one, and clearly the confusion has ended.

All that said, one of my earlier blogs was called “Adventus”.  I used this blog platform for when I traveled each Advent to northern New Mexico. That word, adventus, garnered a few laughs from my traveling friend friend because it seemed kind of “highfalutin “.


However, my rector Mary+, wrote a piece just this week about Advent for the church newsletter.  I had to smile when I read the first line…

Advent – from the Latin root adventus, from the root ad- (to) and venir (come). Adventus is the Latin rendering of the Greek parousia, used to refer to the second coming of Christ.

Makes me feel just a tad vindicated. Just for good measure, this photo was used for my first Adventus blog.  Fitting.


All this to say, I am in a period of preparation.  Not just in anticipation of the season of Advent which begins in a few days – that time when we enter into a period of preparation and watchfulness for the second coming of Christ, but also for my upcoming travel to Arizona and Texas.

I’m reuniting with my sister and brother in Arizona.  We three will set off on a variety of adventures.  I recall when we were children, we were often left to our own devices and imagination, whether in our neighborhood or on family trips. I suspect as we are once again left to our own imagination, we shall make every moment together a unique kind of adventure.


In addition to packing and travel preparations, I’m preparing my soul for wonder, for delight, and for the love that comes from the family history we share.

Traveling mercies.

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