moving on through the sky

Currently at 36,000′ in altitude, my travels now take me to Houston. In 2 hours of flying time, I transition from dry desert to a pronounced humid locale.

From the absence of humidity to “wrap-around” dampness.

It’s raining in Houston. And is to continue during my short stay. Still, weather does not dictate this stay. However, rain is often a reminder to those whom have seen what water can do firsthand in the form of flooding, and this includes me. The sound and sight of rain now has an often uncomfortable place in the memories of those affected.

Gazing out my window as I fly over Austin, TX, my view is clouds scattered across the BLUE sky. The color of Advent.

The Advent word for this 4th day of December, emailed to me daily from the Virginia Theological Seminary, is JOURNEY.

The takeaway of the accompanying meditation is that our personal journey is both our daily routine and a journey to God. Both are Holy Paths.

So as I move along my journey this day, I shall watch for the path where God is placing my footsteps.

Traveling mercies.

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