I returned home last night in time to be snowed in. A few hours later and I would have been snowed out. Whew.

It was dark when I awoke today, but as daylight broke, I could see the early covering of snow.

Although forecast to be light, and ending quickly, snow is still falling this night.

This became a day to rest after travel; to stop and gaze out.

To curl up in front of a fire with a cappuccino prepared in a new cup – a very special gift I received on my recent trip.

As the day progressed, the snow cover increased.

Snow is SO quiet. Covering seems to muffle sounds.

Even the deer kind of snuck up at feeding time.

This blanket of snow makes me think of those who are cold this night. Not the deer pictured here, because they have warm coats which give good cover and provide warmth. But what about those with little or nothing with which to be cloaked?

A quote has been rolling around in my thoughts lately. And especially this night. Dorothy Day said “if you have two coats, you stole one from the poor.” I have a closet full of coats. Some I think I might wear again one day. Instead of waiting for that day that might come, I’ll now be on a quest to distribute some of my coat stash. I’m aware I just said some. It’s a start.

Night night.

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