I have been with my sons and their families for eight days during this Advent. It was a blessing beyond measure.

I receive a word each day during Advent from the Virginia Theological Seminary. Saturday, a week ago, the word was AMONG. God is AMONG us. Certainly God has been among we who have been among each other for a time.

What does it mean to be among? When I am among, or in the midst, of my children (sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren) I feel surrounded in a cover of love, care, plentitude. Abundance of recognition, acceptance.  And joy.

While being in the midst of my children is infrequent, God among me is constant, in all ways, in all times.


I am no longer in the midst of my children, and the immediate quiet is almost too quiet. Yet, it is in this quiet that I seek out AMONG.


The Advent word today is Greeting. As a member of the community of Christ’s family, I am encouraged to develop a spiritual practice of greeting a new person for my always increasing Christ’s family every day.

Most assuredly I am AMONG.

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