Well, I’m on the road again, in the sky again, headed to Houston to be part of a special moment in time in the life of woman who heard the call, answered that call, and for twenty-five years has lived that call through extraordinary service and presence.


I will join with many, many souls who will gather to honor and celebrate this faithful and faith-filled servant.

Along with so many others, I am woven into the tapestry of her life. Our lives are richer and more purposeful by walking alongside her for a period of time, by listening and hearing her words of faith and formation, and by her smile that embraces all who look her way.

That has me thinking about the word tapestry.

As defined, a tapestry is a picture woven into cloth. It’s generally a wall hanging, with detailed images or designs on it. Tapestries tell stories, whether or not through identifiable images, or through abstract designs. Colored threads are woven by hand through the piece.

So, too, our lives are tapestries, joined by the threads of others’ lives who journey with us for a time.

My life is colored and enriched through the countless stitches sewn into and through my life. Each of those who have and continue to add stitches, add depth and strength to my foundation.

More threads will be sewn in the lives of those who gather for this day to celebrate and honor this most extraordinary woman. Shepherd, mentor, follower, leader, friend.


As she suggested to me some twenty-five years ago, “let’s see what God has in store for you.” Indeed, for each of us.

Traveling mercies.

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