cross making update

This activity of making crosses seems to suit me as I find my Lenten rhythm. To make a cross, one must slow down.

It begins with seeking out materials. I’m drawn to looking around wherever my steps take me where I live and walk. I feel guided to be watchful. It feels like the materials I choose are somehow signaling me to take notice. As the author of Making Crosses notes, “the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to a different way of seeing the things of creation”.

Sometime during the days that follow, I feel a nudge to gather up my materials, find a quiet time and place, and settle in to chat with God as I’m guided to make a cross. “Making crosses locates you in a place of prayer and keeps you there.”

Wood chips and moss.

Palms from Palm Sunday 2017 with seed pods found along the path.

Palms with allspice seed pod.

Blooms gone to seed alongside the river.

Broken wind-chime with found metal washer.

The collected objects, the movement of the crossbeams, the prayer thoughts that God floats to the brain—all come together to create a cross of profound spirituality. E M Prewitt.

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