going forward

Jack and Georgia each have a new beginning ahead – Jack has college, Georgia has her soon-to-begin employment as a nurse. Both were ushered on after having completed a certain course of study and preparation, and were carried, celebrated, and honored by family and friends.

Pride in, and love for, is a constant.

And so those who came to gather now disperse home to our own lives, knowing with certainty there will be new beginnings to come. As a matter of fact, I have one coming up in Seattle in just twelve days.

I know, too, that each of us has our own new beginnings ahead. I’m pondering my own. How shall I begin anew?

How shall I be transformed?

This new day is filled with possibility and promise.

Pay attention. “Wherever you are right now, there is something lovely you have stopped noticing because you see it every day. Enjoy.” Meditations on the Psalms for Everyday.

Or….perhaps a new “fave”.

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