the gathering

The grandparents are here, just as they should be. Here to gather and celebrate. To honor a granddaughter and help usher her forward into the next places in her life.

Last night we gathered to reunite and reflect. To share tales of our life journeys since we last were all together. And, of course, to recall stories about being with our grandchildren, both the two whom we share, and the others we grandparent beyond this family.

We met at The Nest, a newly opened lounge located on a building top adjacent to Seattle’s Elliot Bay. To take the elevator up to the rooftop, wrist bands were required. Once settled in, we relished the views and our time together.

A must see stop-and-look on the drive home.

Several years have passed since we were all together. It is wonderful to reunite.

The gathering continued today with a trip to Pike’s Market for lunch and provisions.

After lunch it was time to shop for dinner. Abundance at the market.

Gathered around the dinner for sustenance of food and family.

It was a day filled with in-and-out conversation, reflecting back and looking forward.

Tomorrow is both graduation and commencement. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “the gathering”

  1. Beautiful “gathering “. So glad you’re all together sharing wonderful family memories. Nothing like them. Enjoy the special celebration today. Love, Rick

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