scattered morning

We scattered a bit this morning. Scattered in a good way. Three of us drove into Leadville for “real” coffee and quick shopping for cabin provisions.

Meanwhile two others took off to fish.

My sister and I opted for a road trip to Vail to see an art installation by the stick sculpture artist, Patrick Dougherty, installed at the Ford Botanical Gardens.

Having seen his installation in Highlands, NC, we were eager to see this one. Hodgepodge was created using several varieties of willow locally harvested. Dougherty was inspired both by Japanese square-shaped pottery and hedges He had seen.  The design includes sloping shoulders to shed snow. A practical consideration for this locale.

“Some of the individual elements lean;  some bend at the waist, falling into each other.  This is meant to suggest camaraderie and interdependence.” This seems to echo what we three families are experiencing these gathering days.

I brought a Colorado playlist I had made for our drive, so we sang along as we twisted and turned to Vail and back. We especially like to sing rather enthusiastically “I want to be a strong Colorado Woman, I don’t want to be a Mississippi girl…” from Caroline Herring’s Colorado Girl.

State Highway 24 was made for low-gear driving with lots of pull offs for photos.

Hear what I heard this day.

By mid-afternoon we had gathered back together for fellowship in the sharing of our scattered experiences. Reunions with my brother and sister are infrequent, so these daily reunions take on some significance and much pleasure.

A beautiful drive to Minturn for dinner, all squeezed into one car so as to be together for the vistas and conversations. Then as the day drew to a close, we gathered for a slide show of recent travel my brother and his wife (my other sister) had enjoyed, cruising the fjords of Norway. Stunning!

Day is done, gone the sun. Gone the sun, day is done.

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