on foot in Reykjavik

Today was a walking day. All day. Unburdened of a car, and with no need of public transportation, it was all foot traffic. And the day was beautiful. Blue sky. No rain. In the mid 50’s.

Walking limits the distances traveled and allows time to browse, to consider, to pull up a chair at an outside cafe.

There’s time to take note of the designs that color the walk.

Bowls of designed noodle soups for lunch.

An afternoon walk to the waterfront to view the sculpture Sun Voyager.

We ended this walking day of design by attending a concert at the performance hall, Harpa,

The concert was Skalmöld, a heavy metal group, and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, along with two adult choirs and a children’s choir. This was the last of three nights of concerts by this group, all having sold out. We learned that individuals from 37 countries had attended these performances.

We loved every moment of this amazing musical design experience.

As I climb in bed, my Fitbit announced I am an overachiever with 15,084 steps. A walking day indeed.

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