epiphany january 24

Unlike previous days, today began in urgent mode. Company’s coming.

Abby, our favorite ceramic artist, was coming for breakfast and reunion. We’ve known Abby for many years and she’s always part of the journey here. It’s because of Abby that we have this casa for our lodging.

We met her during the years we lodged in an earthship.

I had to scurry to dress and get on the road. Priorities. Today’s New York Times, cappuccino, and firestarter logs. We ran out of kindling yesterday, and a welcoming fire is important.

Gathered around the fire, we feasted on a meal of food and conversation. Both were sustaining and life enriching.

Living for a time in this space, among and in the midst of art and furnishings, brings back the life of Georgia who created this casa. She died a few years ago and I miss her presence when I’m here. She was a force in the arts community in Taos. She had a passion for fairness and justice.

Her art studio was open for us to experiment. It was joyous to be artful for a time.

All this to say I enjoyed a cup of friendship with both Abby and Georgia today.

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