My mobility took a hit – literally – about three weeks ago.

I was involved in a serious hit-and-run accident. A car accident where the car is no more.

THANKFULLY, the two people who were in the car are still “more”.

It was enough of a crash to jolt the already tenuous order of things in my back. Not enough to immediately stop me in my tracks, but enough for the progression of activities and actions that followed over the next few days, to bring me to a standstill.

I’ve traded my Miata wheels for these. I’ve gone from high performance to just barely performance.

I’m known as one who is always on the move, on the go. It’s me, it’s my identity. May I say, my “persona”?

So in addition to my mobility, my persona has taken a hit.

Today, however, I did up the performance option. I boarded a scooter at the local grocery. I took a quick look at how to drive this vehicle and took off.  I saw a friend checking out and when he glanced my way, I called out “it’s my first time on this ride!” We exchanged big smiles.

I ran – almost – into another friend, and we just delighted in the mystery of obstacles and opportunities.  

I had dreaded this moment. I had not wanted anyone to see me. Yet, when it happened I was able to quickly diffuse the power it had held over me. Being seen in the company of smiling friends soothed my bruised ego.


All in all it was a successful navigation of the grocery aisles. I only backed into the shelves twice, and Evan learned to stay just far enough away so as to not be run into or rolled over, yet close enough to gather high-up items when I signaled.

Traveling mercies.

5 thoughts on “mobility”

  1. Brave lady, carrying on! Hope progress on the pain and mobility front. We are in Yosemite with grandson but keep posting! Sending healing prayers. Temme

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  2. Great post! So fine that you’re able to still be yourself though not quite yourself. Times of challenge are difficult but what I see is you’re up to that challenge. Let’s get together soon. Love to you.


  3. So sorry to hear that you had this accident! Still your jubilant self shines through. You make even downers an opportunity for learning and exploring. I hope your body will heal and give you good service again. Your spirit is indomitable. Love and admiration. Bets

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  4. I am so sorry to learn of your injuries and your beloved Miata’s demise. I am not at all surprised that you are on the go, even on a scooter, but I hope you’ll be back behind real wheels again soon. I’m curious about what else you’ve learned about your persona.

    Prayers for you and for Evan (who may be examining his persona as a result of this horrifying event.)


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