aloft again

It was with mixed emotions that I boarded my flight to Albuquerque today. In the decades I’ve been flying, I’ve generally flown once a month. I’m now rusty. Especially with these legs and back I’m trying to use.

I needed to see this vastness again.

It was hard navigating the airport today. Start, stop, and wait. Repeat.

It was a challenge to be chair-bound. Then a friend suggested I turn the wheelchair into a walker. That worked! I drove myself to the head of the boarding queue, parked and enjoyed a “little extra time” boarding.

Gazing out the window as we taxied it felt familiar, but not quite.

As we became airborne I was reminded, “He will put his angels in charge of you to watch over you carefully.” Luke 4:10

And just like that I was back in my chair in the sky.

I arrived first in Albuquerque and so was parked in baggage to await my traveling friend. I’ve new appreciation for those who are parked and must wait for any assistance. Yes, wait for any.

Eventually I took matters into my own strong arms, and crafted an escape from my bench. After all, I needed to charge up my devices!

At last she arrived and we were on our way north to Taos!

First up, sustenance for the drive.

As a passenger today, I took all the road photos I wanted.

Such a different landscape from that of our usual winter travel.

Now home and in for the night, with doors open, gentle rain, and in the 50’s. Time for rest.

It’s good to be back in travel mode.

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