saturday in taos

Up early. Early meaning 6:30. I’m on healing time, after all, so 6:30 seems early.

Knowing that the Taos Farmers Market was to open at 8am, we hustled down the road to Coffee Apothecary to enjoy their special brews and latte art. It was lovely to begin the day with Lydia and Pablo, now “old” friends.


Then off to the market. It was all – and more – than we expected.





The bonus was running into a group of students from Colorado College. We were charmed by each another. Some of the students were freshmen, and here I was a graduate from 55 years ago.


The remainder of the day was rest and lolling, inside and out, with meals prepared with the abundance of the market.

A walk across the road to say goodnight to the llamas.

Day is done. The Lord almighty grant us – and you – a peaceful night and a perfect end.

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