oh sure …let’s…

It’s not surprising that we often find ourselves with an opportunity to check something out.

On Sunday, as we were driving off from the casa, a young man ran up to us to ask if we knew where the overflow parking was for the Ashram.

Not only did we not know where the overflow parking was, we were unaware there was a Hindu temple one street over.

Yesterday we took a detour home by driving down the street one block away. There it was. The Ashram.

Removing our shoes, we entered.

Within the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram is a statue of Hanuman-anji, a lovable monkey god who devoted his entire being to the service of his divine master, Lord Rama.

Takhts – sacred seats – were available for meditation and prayer.

Outside, peacocks roam.

Signs detailing all the rules and restrictions belied the sense of silent welcome I felt when we entered.

Once again we found it’s a good thing to say “oh sure, let’s”.

2 thoughts on “oh sure …let’s…”

  1. Always good to learn about how others worship. That was a lovely opportunity.

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