This morning I’m thinking about resonance.

Last night I attended an invitation-only reception for the art exhibit Elemental Resonance. Works by sculptor, Dean Pulver,

I looked up the definition of resonance and found a detailed physics explanation. I also found this:

“People who are not very good at singing sound much better while singing in the shower because the pure notes emitted are resonated in the shower cubicle. The bathroom is enclosed space and sometimes small; as you sing the sound waves hit the walls more frequently causing the wall to vibrate since the walls are parallel to each other.”

I don’t imagine Dean was thinking about singing in the shower as he created his sculpture pieces. But after experiencing the pieces myself, it feels like sound-creating to me.

Though fixed and stationary, there is movement. The shadows cast from the hanging sculptures move in shades and in texture.

I happen to know Dean. He’s the husband of a long time friend. She’s a ceramicist and we have visited their home and art studios a number of times.

It is a privilege to have seen some of the works early in their creation.

The pieces last night filled me with a sense of wonder. Of delight. It’s clear they resonated with me.

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