I don’t get around much these days because healthcare professionals recommend venturing out only for essential services. When I do venture out for these kinds of services, I see images like these:

Either no seating, or carefully spaced-out seating.

The message is clear. Move along. Keep your distance.

These distancing images have a profound impact. No words are necessary. It’s not safe here. Not safe at Starbucks? At the doctor’s office? Sadly, no.

I even have socially-distant seating on my deck for the infrequent visitor.

One chair I’d like to sit in again is that of my hair stylist. I have considered this a non-essential service, until today. Seeing a side view of my silver locks in the mirror this morning, I came close to becoming my own hair stylist!

The chair I am most longing to sit in, is a chair in the sky. I’ve been seated in a chair on the ground for four months! I understand some of the chairs in the sky have been removed so as to provide for social distancing at 40,000′. Well, I would hope so. We’re doing it down here, best we do it up there.

Chairs are generally utilitarian in nature. Yet in this time of pandemic, chairs serve to remind us we are not safe, and that we should be cautious. A danger we can’t see may be nearby. Perhaps our psyches might be better served if we view stacked and roped off seating as both a sign of danger and of protection.

I’ve been away from blogging for a while now, mostly because I blog when I travel. It’s been many months without travel. Since beginning this blog 24 hours ago, I’ve booked myself a ticket for air travel, and tomorrow I intend to book an appointment for a hair cut!

While my intentions are genuine, it may be I’ll find I’m not quite ready for these unfamiliar chairs. Stay tuned.

One thought on “chairs”

  1. Love this post. We feel your pain. We don’t even sit in most places, particularly doc offices. Did hit hair salons last week- first appointments and fast. Stay healthy.


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