gone girl II

Gosh, travel last week felt so good, I decided to do it again! This time I’m going twice as far – all the way to Seattle.

Returning to doing some traveling has brought with it a kind of apprehension I didn’t expect. Examining it more closely, I realize I’ve spent the past year with apprehension as part of my life.

Apprehensive about being safe from the virus. Apprehension about going to the grocery store, to my drive-through pharmacy. Even curbside pickup at Starbucks.

It’s the unfamiliar. It’s also about risk-management. I wonder how much longer these will come alongside my daily life.

Unfamiliar, apprehension, risk-management aside. I’ll soon be on my way.

Seattle smiles await me!

Traveling mercies.

3 thoughts on “gone girl II”

  1. Have a great trip and enjoy the kids. When you return, let’s go out to lunch somewhere with outdoor seating. I too am apprehensive and still won’t yet eat indoors. Safe travels! Temme

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