gone again girl

This is becoming a habit. A very good habit, indeed.

I’m heading to Keller, TX, to visit the Keller Heckels. The last trip I took to Keller was just weeks before the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic set in. That’s fourteen months ago. I’ve not seen my two older grandchildren for over a year! Oh my gosh, this is way too long!

The scene is set for our family gathering on Sunday. Jack will spend a long day home from college. Georgia, an ER nurse, will join as after her shift. I cannot wait to be with these precious grandchildren.

There will be wonderful family feasting as we gather around the meal table and the family room. We’ll enjoy a feast of laughter, good stories – old and new, and quiet moments just to listen to these young people tell me about their lives.

There will be sounds of geese coming and going, landing in the river just beyond the back yard. After they land, there will be a cacophony of “feed me now” geese shouts. The duck will chime in with their own voices.

I long for all these sounds.

It’s a good morning for flying.

As I walked into the airport, it was immediately clear that air travel is back.

Queues of people lined up to check bags. Queues to go through security.

Queues to board the plane train.

So I walked the distance between several terminals. I saw some familiar sights.

How grateful I am for my walking skills!

Now onboard, it’s really just minutes until I’m met at DFW by the first smile – my son.

Reading materials in my seatback, I’m good to go.

Traveling mercies.


2 thoughts on “gone again girl”

  1. Oh so happy for you Ginny !! You sound sooooo excited !! Wonderful ! Can’t believe it has been so long. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful !!! Hare a fantastic time !!!!!


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