80 and on my way

Well that was fun! Turning 80 didn’t hurt at all.

There was joy in one fashion or another all day. The word “ joy” popped in cards

and conversations. In faces and voices. In smiles and glorious laughter. In balloons and flowers.

Donations were made in my name. Breast health and basketball; protection and promise for God’s people.

I was somewhat surprised by the multitude of my healthcare providers who sent emails and texts to wish me a happy birthday.

I was gifted in so many different ways, most especially by having my sister by my side.

And of course, the Peppermint Cake.

It was as good as I remembered. Newbies to the peppermint cake, along with seasoned tasters, enjoyed this wondrous treat.

This morning this sight caught my eye, and I began to sing, “the party’s over, the party over…”

But not really. It’s just begun.

I’m currently in my air-chair, headed to be with the Keller Heckels. My grandson will test for his 2nd degree Black Belt. I was there for the first level years ago. I wouldn’t want to miss being there for this one.

God willing – and those previously mentioned healthcare providers, I’ll have more joyous milestones.

Traveling mercies.

4 thoughts on “80 and on my way”

  1. Safe travels and of course happiest of birthdays!! ❤️

    Sent from my iPhone Please forgive typos



  2. Sounds like a wonderful celebration! Happy 80!
    I was looking forward to tasting that wonderful looking cake- maybe next year.
    Enjoy the family.


  3. Beautiful pictures of the most wonderful, peaceful, beautiful home in the whole world !!! YOU are blessed !! It warms my heart to see you and all those balloons in that wonderful home that I will never forget!!!!! Love and happy and safe travels!!



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