entry-level luxury

Several years ago, during our second trip to Iceland, my friend and I stayed in a wonderful hotel in Húsafell. As we drove the last thirty miles, we worried the hotel may be so luxurious that we might not fit in. And we wondered why in we had booked this hotel.

Our uncertainty was for naught. It was luxurious, but not ostentatious, and we fit right in. However, when we requested a second robe, as the room only had one, we learned our room did not include two robes. We dubbed it “entry-level luxury”.

The true luxury was seeing the super-wide waterfall just down the road!

This morning we presented ourselves at the Centurion Lounge at Houston Intercontinental Airport. We had entry because my friend has some upper level American Express credit card.

At the entrance to the lounge, live plants make up the design below.

We settled in, paying little notice to the small “reserved” sign on the table. We made ourselves comfortable with quite a repast for our pleasure. Make-your-own espresso drinks, and much more.

Then we were asked to move as that table and couch were reserved for a higher level card carrier. Yep. Entry-level luxury once again.

Now seated in seats 1F and one 1D on United Polaris air craft, I’m thinking whatever luxury level I have is way more than enough.

As some of you know, when I tuned 80 recently, I decided to use some of the settlement $$ I received from my 2019 car accident, to give $100 to 80 helping organizations.

This morning I received an email from Mary’s Meals in the U.K. I learned of this group years ago during travel to the isle of Iona. They are this morning’s recipient of the 80×100 project. I have abundant luxury to share.

After a few hours layover in Newark, it’s on to Iceland. We’ll take off today and land tomorrow. Registration to enter The country is complete.

Traveling mercies.

2 thoughts on “entry-level luxury”

  1. Yes! Luxury abounds all around us and in our hearts as well. Especially yours .❤️

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