welcome continued

Our destination for last night was Frost and Fire hotel in Hveragerði. Located southeast of the capitol, Reykjavik, and a few miles north of the North Atlantic Ocean coast, it’s an area abounding in thermal energy.

The road south from the airport took us near the Gerlingadalur Volcano. We had thought about taking the one-hour walk to glimpse the lava flow and glow, but it was raining and quite windy. The landscape was stark as expected. And stunning.

We had landed at 6am so as we drove south the need for coffee set in. Soon a coffee opportunity appeared. We happened upon a charming coffee and pastry shop in Þorlákshöfn.

Back on the road…

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch. We retuned to a favorite from years past…

which gave us energy to drive down the road to Urrigafoss waterfall…

and visit with several Icelandic ponies.

At last… arrived at Frost and Fire Hotel! Time for relaxing on our deck alongside the Varga River

and an especially significant welcome… when we entered our room… not one, but two robes! I’m thinking we have full level luxury!

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