it’s only an hour flight

Still, the Iceland International airport can be daunting in distance and wait.

COVID-time can be similarly so. I woke up at 4am before the noon flight to the Faroe Islands, concerned I couldn’t prove I had purchased the required COVID test to be administered upon landing. Concerned, too, because since I had requested wheelchair assistance, I could no longer print my boarding pass.

And, too, there was a 15 minute walk to the airport from the hotel in the dark and in a blustery rainstorm.

Still everything fell into place and eventually the eight hours had passed.

Boarding Atlantic Airways for Faroe Islands was quickly accomplished.

Heavy rain when we took off.

Sunny skies as we climbed.

A quick check of weather in the Faroe Islands indicated fog around the time we were to land.

The flight crew made welcome and safety announcements first in Faroese, then English. Similarly, so did the captain.

Atlantic Airways offered free wi-fi for the short one hour flight. About all you could do was track the flight. Still, I love tracking flights.

It didn’t take long to descend – almost – all the way. Instead, the plane turned skyward and we took-off midair! Literally we changed from down to up, up, and away!

A burst of Faroese, then English, announcing we would be told more soon. I could see the flight attendant consult her notebook and nod.

Finally the captain advised us about the severe fog. He said we would circle for awhile, hoping for better landing conditions. Interspersed I heard “Sweden”, “Denmark”. We could check wi-fi and see circles.

We hung out in the blue skies for about 45 minutes. Then we could feel the change in the plane’s trajectory and soon images of green hills and colorful houses came into view.

With several loud thuds, we landed. I, alone, clapped exhuberently!

Traveling mercies.

2 thoughts on “it’s only an hour flight”

  1. You are a brave and tested flier. I would have been in tears. Enjoy the remainder of the trip! hugs Temme



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