dried ancho chiles

While I’m here in Arizona, I’m in charge of two dinners. I’m really looking forward to cooking for our gathering. While I brought measured-out spices and seasonings with me, I did not bring dried ancho chiles. I was certain I could easily find them here in the Southwest.

Not true. Since these are critical to one dish, we set out yesterday on a quest to locate them. I called eight grocery stores.

When I called Fry’s grocery store, I could only speak with a virtual customer service member. After many attempts to speak clearly – dried ancho chiles – I heard this: “you are looking for dry ice? Yes or no?” I hung up.

My favorite call was to Bashas’. When I called, a human answered: “It’s great day at Bashas’! How can I make your day better?!”

I’ll tell you how…. Well, I guess not.

With no other stores left to call, I called my nephew’s wife. They live nearby and she’s quite the cook. She’s also a Brit so she was not familiar with these chiles. I explained they are poblano chiles which have been dried. She suggested buying a poblano and drying it. I didn’t know how to actually do this. She also suggested trying Food City, a local Mexican market.

By now it was time for dinner. We decided to dine at Barrio’s, a local Mexican restaurant. As we were settling up, my sister asked our wait-person if he knew where we could find the chiles. He suggested Food City!

This morning we took off early for Food City. Voila!

A plethora of dried ancho chiles.

Tomorrow I’ll prepare dinner using dried ancho chiles. Stay tuned.

One thought on “dried ancho chiles”

  1. Hope it was worth the hunt! Anyway, now you are familiar with what the local stores have to offer. I know your meal will be stellar. Enjoy! T

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