turkey in texas

We are headed to Texas to share Thanksgiving with our older son and his family. We have not ventured beyond the forest for Thanksgiving travel for a good while.

Last year we had quite a feast for two. As sheltering at home was required, we made do. The fancy turkey I ordered was to be 12 pounds. Instead the bird was at least 8 pounds overweight. Regardless, it was delicious.

My son fries his turkeys. Taking just thirty minutes or so to fry, it’s streamlined turkey cooking. It’s quite a show when the bird gets dunked in the hot oil. Thankfully, this is an outdoor event.

I’m so grateful for the invitation to gather with the Keller (TX) Heckels. We are bringing the world’s best turkey gravy, prepared and frozen a week ago. This was a two-day cooking effort.

I’m likely to leave the rest of the food prep to others as I relish conversation time with my grandchildren. You can do that when you’re eighty.

I’ll soon take my chair in the sky. Traveling mercies.

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