epiphanytide in taos

Thanks to vaccinations, boosters and rapid-tests, travel to Taos for the annual January trip is possible. With a sigh and a yay, I am on my way.

Before I could leave, however, a rapid-test the day before departure was necessary. The red line says it all.

A year ago my friend and I missed our annual Epiphany trip due to lack of any form of disease protections or testing. But after receiving our two vaccination jabs, we were able to travel to Taos in May. It was Spring gorgeous!

Now we return. Still, with Omicron cases increasingly on the rise, it has felt like a long slog to this departure day.

If also feels celebratory!

And freeing!

After what feels like a long time of wondering, are we or are we not going, I’m going!

Traveling mercies.

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