celebration in the desert

I’m journeying to Arizona tomorrow for a celebration. The twins (my sister and brother) are having a birthday. This birthday sets the stage for the birthday that follows. My sister and brother will enter their 80th decade in just a few days.

We three have been we three since the twins were teenagers and I had just turned of age – close to 60 years. While we later added spouses and children, we’ve always been we three.

I’m really looking forward to this reunion and celebration.

All manner of plans are in place. And in flux. I know many things to see and do we’re planned. With even more suggestions to consider. Yet already there have been revisions made as the reality of various types of health challenges some of us face, have revealed the need for a reality check.

Still, isn’t it wonderfully remarkable that our first reaction to “we could also do this or that“ is “of course!” We will see as we go.

I’ll first fly to Phoenix, and the next day my sister and I will take a road trip south to Tucson to commence the birthday festivity.

Come along! Traveling mercies.

6 thoughts on “celebration in the desert”

  1. Ginny, our oldest lived in that area twice while he was in the Air Force. We made a few trips that way. We did see the Grand Canyon and the red hills of Sedona but holding on to the shirt tale of a 6 year old boy😱 Enjoy!


  2. Wow! You are off again and for what promises to be a touching and fun-filled celebration. Enjoy!! Temme

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  3. Looking forward to “joining” you on the trip! 🌵 I’m so glad you three will be together for the celebration. 🎉🎂


  4. Thanks for inviting me along! Looking forward to your lovely pictures and warm thoughts. Prayers for a hiccup-free journey.
    (In the meantime, I’ll diligently empty your lilac of any remaining sniffs. Warn Evan.😁)


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