saved by the swipe of an id tag

I had a close call on my flight today. I flew in a very big airplane and I sat in the very front of the very big plane in a fancy seat that almost made into a bed. Yes, I am very fortunate.

I was offered my beverage of choice. “I’ll have sparkling water over ice, please.”

Delta has brought back hot meals served on linen table mats. When asked for my meal choices listed on the flight attendant’s phone, I read: sous vide chicken, vegetarian melange, the impossible burger. Burger! I thought. I’ll have that.

Too late I asked if this was a meatless burger. “Yes and it’s very tasty.” Oh boy. A short while later I was sure I could smell something different before it arrived.

With a flourish the mat was laid on the table and the tray placed on top. I looked up in time to see the mishmash of id’s hanging around the flight attendant’s neck swipe across the open-face of that impossible burger.

I slowly slid the bun top over that meatless burger.

The dessert was awesome.

2 thoughts on “saved by the swipe of an id tag”

  1. Hilarious! Whew! That was impossibly close! Never-ever should one from Clayton, Georgia (home of the Skye burger) be eating one of those! When in the sky, one should eat…you get it.

    And was your previous post a foreshadowing or a typo? “Desert up ahead” or “Dessert up ahead”?

    Can’t wait for “our” adventure (and giggles) tomorrow! Rest well!


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