happy birthday

We left our casita early the morning of the birthday.

We all met at my brother’s home for the drive downtown to visit The Historic Pima County Courthouse.

We were there to see the memorial to the victims of the 2011 Tucson shooting which killed six and seriously wounded thirteen, including the then-U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords.

My nephew, who is employed by Pima County, was pivotal in creating several profound films about the event.

He joined us for our visit. His anecdotal stories about the memorial enhanced the experience.

Each of circles enclose a design depicting each of the victims, both killed and wounded.
Gifford’s memorial figures, which include the US capital in the center and symbols suggesting an astronaut on the far left.
A saguaro with arms suggesting an embrace; close-up of stones on the sides of the memorial.

My nephew’s long time friend and muralist, Joe Pagac, was at work on an enormous mural nearby. We stopped by for a short visit and a chance to see him at work. A real treat.

Unlike the previous day, this day was hot. 100 degrees! I definitely felt the heat blast.

In the early evening we all – plus a few more family members – gathered at Blanco restaurant for dinner. It was a feast of food and family!

Later we returned to my brother’s home for presents and cake.

A wonderful day of celebrating two wonderful persons!

Photo by Randy Metcalf

4 thoughts on “happy birthday”

  1. What a true delight to once again read through your outstanding blog posts. Splendid memories were created as is always the case when “we three” have a chance to be together. I feel so blessed that all the close family members found time in their lives to join my twin and I in celebration. As always your terrific photos add even more to the full experience we shared. A joyous birthday celebration!


  2. Fantastic pictures — all of it so pretty and nice and so glad you could all be together — loved Rick’s note too ! You kids are the best !! \mcl


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