time to return home

Before I takeoff…

See ya! to my brother and his wife.

Just as the road trip to Tucson was on backroads, so too, was the return drive to Phoenix.

Two road trips in three days called for a car wash. I love car washes! It’s instant art.

Yesterday we met my very special cousin and her daughter for lunch. I’m not sure how any of us managed to take a bite because we talked and laughed the whole time. What a great gift.

Last night, just as the sun was to set, we made a mad dash to chase it down. Made it!

Driving home from the sunset, my sister took us on a drive tour of foliage sculptures in her neighborhood. We ended this day with a smile.

This morning’s entry to Starbucks just up the road. Only in Phoenix.

A goodbye to my sweet sister.

And to my nephew’s wife…my niece.

Traveling mercies.

4 thoughts on “time to return home”

  1. Welcome home! Thanks for taking us along. We’ve much to discuss, still, about each of these pix! (Ahhh, the bougainvillea…)


  2. What a great trip, Ginny !! Thank you for for fitting us into your schedule — every moment was full for you and you covered it all !! I feel like I was there for all of it. None of you look a day over 25 !! Rick looking good thank goodness. /mcl


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