The one word that kept cropping up in my mind throughout the drive today was vast. Gazing out – and up, and this way or that way – was a vast expanse of awesome.

I’m reminded of words said during Eucharistic Prayer C in the Book of Common Prayer, “At your command all things came to be: …

the vast expanse of interstellar space, …

galaxies, …

suns, …

the planets in their courses, …

and this fragile earth, our island home.”

Today was a leisurely drive from Keflavik International Airport, through some small and lovely neighborhoods in Reykjavik, then on to the countryside where we meandered for about sixty miles through the vastness of one area of Iceland.

There was no reason to hurry. Views found us stopping, looping back or just taking the slow way.

Now settled into Hotel Húsafell for the next four days, I’m tempted to say, “and as the shadows lengthen…”. However the shadows will not lengthen until 11:01pm this night., but for us they will lengthen closer to 7pm.

Rest well.

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