sunday-keeping in iceland

Today was a non-traditional day of keeping Sabbath. I’m in a very remote area of Iceland. There is no town and the hotel where I’m staying is named after the river Husafell. All this to say, there is no nearby church or chapel.

So non-traditional it would be.

We the planned to visit the glacier Langjökull this morning. It’s the second largest ice cap in Iceland – and just down the road from Hotel Husafell. At the time it made sense that we could pay the glacier a visit. Without actually climbing on the glacier. Just a simple drive-by visit.

There it is! Off in the distance…

Inching down the road in case this was not the case…

Oh, it was most definitely the case. Whether because of snow and ice, or the concern for the fragility of the Icelandic ecosystem, it mattered not. We would not be visiting Langjökull this Sunday.

It was time for plan B. We would take a back road toward the town of Reykholt, where we would find our own worship service in a historic chapel.

Easier said than done.

Undaunted we continued. Visiting sheep…

and Icelandic ponies.

We got so busy looking at the sheep on one side of the road,

we missed our turn to return home on the other side of the road. Instead on down the road, we came upon a beautiful chapel where we could lead worship ourselves. Across Iceland are small chapels, many of which are family owned, and where all are welcome to spend time in prayer. This chapel would do.

Well, not so much.

By now it was time for lunch. Since we had missed the turn, we were now in the neighborhood of Krauma Baths. Time for lunch!

Carrot and tomato soups.

Best. Soup. Ever. Also, hottest soup spoon ever.

Tomorrow we may return for the baths.

On down the road after lunch and on our way back to the hotel, another chapel. Now this one was perfect.

Leading our own worship. Best ever.

A last look at Langjökull,

day is done. Well, not yet. Sunset is at 11:03pm.

4 thoughts on “sunday-keeping in iceland”

  1. Admire your diligence for Sunday-keeping. My goodness, these are great pictures, particularly the animal friends. So impressed you get the spelling right on all the towns and sights (although I wouldn’t know if you didn’t! Ha!)


  2. Well, the visiting priest and organist were there. I guess the parish administrator failed to send out the announcement about the resumption of Sunday services.



  3. Such an outstanding blog. Just love how you continue to adapt to the conditions and journey on down the roads. Chapel under construction? We’ll simply find another. And do what feels comfortable inside. Terrific signs along the roadway. Great seeing the car beyond the one sign. Splendid photos as always. I’m so happy to be along for the “ride”, sharing another adventure from afar. Amazingly gorgeous piece of planet Earth.


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