the road less taken

This morning we departed Hotel Husafell where we had stayed the first four nights of the trip. We didn’t want to leave. In fact, we tried to stay an additional night but the place where we will be for the remainder of our trip did not allow for a cancellation with so little notice.

So we enjoyed our breakfast, thanked everyone who had served us, packed up and departed.

Of course I needed to visit the “never-have-I-ever” series of waterfalls one more time.

On the road again past sheep and horses. Today the horses won out as we parked for awhile and gazed on moms and colts. So precious!

If we had taken the primary route south to Hveragerði, it would have been a two hour trip. Not us! Instead, we took a series of back roads for five and a half hours.

And that routing was indeed the road less taken. It was another never have I ever experience.

A last glance before turning south.

Oh, wow!

It was not long before the road narrowed and was unpaved.

For the next four and a half hours the road wove across the tundra revealing both distant and close views of,…


fragile mosses,

volcanic rocks,


melting glacier ice,

and glaciers.

It was so wonderful that I would love to drive it backwards. Maybe on another trip we’ll do just that – reverse the road least taken.

For now it’s time for rest. We are settled in at Frost and Fire hotel. This is the view outside the window at 10:30pm. Rest well.

4 thoughts on “the road less taken”

  1. Back roads are THE BEST! Keep enjoying as you mosey along. T

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  2. Ohhhh myyyyy, Ginny.

    (Seems like your entire trip is “road less taken”.)

    Rest well for those adventures ahead! We need you are your best for all these marvelous pictures!😁


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