more travel down roads mostly less traveled

Our drive to church yesterday was on generally empty roads. Few cars. Lots of wide-open spaces.

After church it was more of the same, with the addition of impressive mountains in the distance.

We drove on to Gullfoss, (“Golden Falls”). This waterfall is located in the canyon of the Hvítá river. The average amount of water running down the waterfall is 5,000 cu ft per second in the summer. The spray reaches the parking lot long before you see the falls.

During my first visit to Iceland I was one of those standing close to the falls. No need to repeat.

The afternoon drive back to the hotel was more of the same. Extraordinary beauty on a very large scale.

A late afternoon return to our favorite kaffi and bookshop for cuppas.

Such a glorious day of worship, wondrous moments, and kaffi surrounded by wisdom.

3 thoughts on “more travel down roads mostly less traveled”

  1. The pictures continue to be just amazing and wow, there are some other people in one of them today.


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