and now you know…

…the rest of the story.

I can now blog the final chapter of my recent Iceland travel. The last blog I had posted was a summary of my travels in Iceland during the previous ten days. The trip was filled with delight, glee, quiet moments and, of course, vast vistas.

On the day we were to fly out, we drove back roads to Keflavik, a town near the airport. It was a lovely drive.

Since a negative COVID test was required to enter the United States, we had made reservations in Keflavik for our tests.

After the tests were administered, we were asked to take a seat and wait 15 minutes for the email with the results.

I passed. My best friend and traveling companion did not.

My negative COVID test was good for two days, making it possible for me to leave this day or the next. So I changed my flights and stayed the night, in a separate room from my friend, at a nearby hotel. We began to make all the necessary arrangements for her to be on her own in Iceland. With no idea for how long.

I left the next evening for home. It was agony.

For the next five days my friend navigated the COVID testing system seeking a “fit-to-fly” document which when issued by a physician, can allow someone to fly to the United States. It’s for folks who continue to test positive, but have few or no symptoms. It’s kind of a “get-out-of-Iceland” card.

On the fifth day of isolation, my friend received clearance to fly! She chose to change airlines so she could fly to Frankfurt and from there, non-stop to Houston. The next day she set down in Houston. Home at last.

I didn’t feel I could write the last Iceland trip blog until we both had made it home. I’m so glad that saga is over.

We are already planning our next trip to Iceland. We think it’s important to write a different ending to our Icelandic travel story. Stay tuned.

Traveling mercies.

3 thoughts on “and now you know…”

  1. Wow. So sorry but thankful for her safe return. Hope no symptoms ever appeared.

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  2. I love how you think – another trip to write a different ending. Applicable to many situations in life.

    Thank you so very much for taking us along. What a blessing you’ve been …and will be.


  3. So nice to read the blog that closes your latest adventure. I always look forward to reading the story that sums up the time spent in these faraway locations. It’s totally understandable that you held off posting this one. I’m so happy that you’ve both returned home despite the delays. It had to be so difficult for your companion and yourself to part at that point of the journey. As always, we all so enjoy being along and sharing your Iceland trip. A good decision to return and finish an outing in the manner of your choosing. Keep traveling!


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